Hello survivalist! How long has it been? Too long, we all know that the Fun Pimps have been busting their humps developing Alpha 13 but how much longer must we wait? Since the release of Alpha 12.5 back on August 23rd we have all waited patiently in hopes of new content to further immerse us into the zombie infested world of Navezgain AZ. With the holidays fast approaching one very important question comes to mind. Will we see A13 before the new year? I will be the optimistic one and say yes there is still one month to go and I can see this almost becoming a very nice Christmas gift. With frequent updates from Joel Huenink president and lead designer of the Fun Pimps its easy to see the progress of the latest expansion.

7 dtd a13 limb removal

Here is the compiled list of what we know TFP to be currently working on.

  • Cold weather survival
  • Upgradeable blocks
  • Abandon houses
  • New gear
  • New character features
  • New block textures
  • Revamping old block textures
  • At least six new zombie models
  • HD models of all zombies
  • Spider Zombie has returned
  • New scout zombie model
  • Limb removal or zombie dismemberment
  • New mocaps for all zombies
  • Flooded basements
  • Underwater looting
  • Cars can now be dismantled
  • New loot features
  • New skill point system
  • Crafting and Harvesting systems completely revamped

I am sure this list will be much longer with the actual release of Alpha 13 but only time will tell if anything hits the chopping block before actual launch. So I know you also want to some real meat or visual eye candy of what has been done well here you go my friends.

New abandon houses all of these points of interest will  be zombie free and completely upgradeable for you to get yourself situated with a decent starter base before the 7th day arrives.

New armor and clothing, these will be more essential than they ever were with the implementation of cold weather survival. This was a feature that was mentioned back in the Kickstarter and it’s good to see The Fun Pimps moving forward with their ambitious list from more than two years ago.

Plan Fiber Clothing

Animal Hide Clothing

Leather Armor & Leather Duster 

Puffer Jacket

On October 17th of this year Joel shared with us a video dubbed “Alpha 13 Preview Part 2” in this video the Fun Pimps debuted the abandon houses and the new upgrade systems on all existing blocks. This feature combined with these new POI’s (Points of Interest) made it possible for players to get a safe zone fairly easy and get a feel for the them game before all hell breaks loose on the 7th day.

With the new harvesting system you will see a similarity to anther crafting survival game that has been making waves but instead of zombies you are running from you life from dinosaurs Ark. Like in Ark depending on the tool you have in had will also determine what matts you will receive. This is where the new machete will come in handy for acquiring leather from killing animals. Here is the latest picture of the machete.

7 dtd a13 machete

With some changes to current recipes like arrows will now require 1 small stone, 1 piece of wood, and 1 feather to make one arrow where as in the past it was 1 small stone, 1 stick, and 1 feather to make 5 arrows. This now created a higher demand for feathers that were not always the easiest to find. What better way for the Pimps to introduce the latest animal, arguably some could say that it is about time we saw a chicken though.

7 dtd a13 chicken

One last bit of eye candy will be the addition of the utility station. Joel has said that for now these are purely aesthetic but what will that hold for the feature of the game? Is it quite possible that we will have power? Only time will tell of course but could you imagine the endless possibilities.

We look forward to many more updates from the Fun Pimps and hope you all do as well. Remember you can check out the official website at 7daystodie.com or continue to check back here for more updates at PowerLeveled.