In a recent Tom’s Guide opinion editorial, seven reasons were given as to why the Xbox One is a superior console to the PS4. While some of these points may have held some weight, the conclusion was ultimately incorrect. Dating back from the original PlayStation console, Sony has been the only option for those who care about picking the generally better, more popular console. Without further ado, here are eight very not clickbait reasons why the PS4 is the correct console to be playing.

1. Graphics, man

Sony has consistently come through with consoles that deliver the most visually interesting games. Where Microsoft’s Xbox represents a capitalist-pig agenda, mass producing clunky bricks that are prone to RRoD-type failures, the PlayStation console has always been focused on a higher quality product and putting logos on their consoles that do that cool 90 degree turn thing. PS4’s cross-platform games will consistently run at higher resolutions and with superior frame rates when compared with their XB1 counterparts. As this is the second consecutive generation that this has occurred, it would seem to indicate a trend. Ruh-roh.

2. Popularity (for Multiplayer)

Given the significance of games such as Overwatch, the multiplayer experience has become more important to the average player. This means that playing online with your friends is something you will end up eventually wanting to do for a big title, even if you really don’t want to. Few people own two consoles and because of this, a choice must be made. The obvious choice would be the more popular console as you would be able to play with more of your friends, statistically. You can pretty much just play the odds on this one. The PS4 has simply sold more units. Easy choice.

3. Controller Design

Video games are about cutting edge design and technology. Players don’t want some clunky, fat, awkward rock to hold in their hand. They want something sleek, ergonomic, and visually balanced. The XB1 controller looks like a good design that was left out in the sun for too long and had all of its components serendipitously melt into place. I’m not saying the controller looks like it was hit by a train or anything. It was hit by something much smaller like a pick-up truck or a minivan.

4. Japan

The best games ever made are Japanese. Some may want to argue against this with lists of non-Japanese games that are very good, but if you take a look at the average top ten list for games, it’s going to be bloated with at least 50.34% of Japanese-made games. The recent Yakuza 0 is an example of this that’s an exclusive and is very good. I rest my case. Japan.

5. Naming Convention

The Sony brand is to some degree about simplicity. The major PlayStation consoles don’t have anything to hide with flashy names that disguise what they are: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4. The PS4 knows what it is; it’s the fourth console after the third console. The Xbox “One”? It’s not the first console. The Xbox 360? Why? Because I turn 360 degrees and walk away? No, thanks.

6. The Picture

As you can tell by this picture, the PS4 is clearly on top of the Xbox console. While it is not clear how it got there, I would speculate that it naturally climbed on top to assert its dominance. Further, you can clearly tell which console is the PS4. The PS4 says “PS4” on the front. The XB1 has an image of a cracked egg on it. I think I’ll pass, eggbox.

7. The XBO may be ill

Upon its original release, the XB1 came with a Kinect peripheral that inflated its price. Microsoft has since removed this from their package and reduced the price. Some say this was because of the declining popularity of motion controls, but this was not the case. It’s because the Kinects were sick. They fell off of the original package due to atrophy. No one wants to open a box and see a dead Kinect. Stay away from this peripheral.

8. Legacy

If the tone of this article was lost to you, the idea that people should have to pick a side in a console “war” is silly. That the PS4 is winning the current competition is very clear, so there is no need to argue for or against it. What console someone is playing is a non-issue. In an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to choose a side and could play everything we wanted on one platform. No top ten list is going to confirm or reject the enjoyment that someone has with their platform of choice. It is that relativity that makes these types of arguments specious and ridiculous.

However, my personal opinion is that PlayStation is the best console available. This is because of the recent history of the brand. The PS2 was the last great console to exclusively be about enjoying what was on a disk with no other distractions and the original PlayStation console was just as solid. Microsoft has done little creatively for the industry and in its wake inflated it with empty gimmicks that have gone on to fill the UI of both consoles with worthless spam features and content. Sony has done their best to keep up in a race for unnecessary but demanded features that really shouldn’t be a part of a game console and that’s a shame. I believe Microsoft is a large influence on this shift of direction. If someone’s goal is to support a clean and healthy future for games, it would seem the lesser of two evils is the direction Sony is headed.