While there are plenty of fun and amusing Easter eggs out there in the world of gaming, Battlefield: Hardline may take the cake with this couch that you can drive.

Battlefield: Hardline takes the series from war time combat to a domestic “Cops versus Robbers” battle. Thanks to a discovery by the guys over on the Jackfrags YouTube channel, we can share with you one of the more entertaining Easter eggs we’ve ever seen – this couch. While playing in the Dust Bowl map on Hotwire, you can drive this couch which goes by the vehicle name of “The American Dream”. When you kill people with the couch, the kill counts as “Merica”, which could be one of the most amusing and ironic puns in gaming today – a couch that you kill people with because ‘Merica, while you kill people from your couch in real-life because ‘Murica.

Have a look at the video below and feel free to share the video if you find it as amazing as we have!