With Black Friday having come and gone, the sales aren’t over yet. What can you do if you missed out on the Black Friday sale? Get to Best Buy.

As of today, and for today only, Best Buy is offering up a sale on a Samsung television, with an Xbox One attached for [effectively] no additional cost. As it compares, Best Buy offered up a 55 inch 4K High Definition TV on Black Friday. Today, they’re offering a curved TV, at the same price, with the addition of an Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition bundle. For a total cost of $999.98, this bundle gets you in at a savings of $550 over the typical retail price and could look great in your living room on Christmas – assuming you’re willing to wait that long.

Best Buy will offer up a bundle for the same size television in a flat, 1080P panel as well, saving you $420 over their regular retail costs. This bundle also includes the sale Gears of war bundle, but both offers end today so get on it if you can.

In case your missed the sale, remember – Cyber Monday is coming right around the corner. You’ll still be able to find good deals at major online retailers.