On the 15th Bungie announced that, much like a pay-to-play MMO, they would soon be offering boosts that allow your character to quickly reach level 25. In other words, Bungie literally doesn’t care what you think anymore.

Right this moment, for $30 you can max out a subclass, jump to level 25, and get the leveled equipment/vehicles needed to survive at this boosted level. This is a choice that would be appealing to someone just coming into the game, looking to bypass the grind and perhaps join their friends. However, for anyone who has spent hours getting to where they are and learning systems, this is a slight.

How does Bungie plan to build a loyal fanbase when they are changing the formula for their game seemingly every year? Fans aren’t stupid, they see the development focus. It’s not about making the game more fun, it’s about making more money. They started with DLC, then more DLC, then events and microtrasactions, now it’s simply becoming pay-to-win. These are unabashed and classless choices they are making, exploiting their audience with the novelty of the game. Bungie has done little to show plans for longevity and I ask myself, “How long will people accept this kind of content quality?”

Bungie had been dropping the ball for a while when I initially bought my ticket and boarded the Destiny hype train. I own and have played most of the Halo series, everything outside of their multiplayer Deathmatch and perhaps Firefight modes within their main FPS series is garbage. They have no ability to tell a story or engage emotions and nothing about space marines or playing as the ultimate space bro appeals to me. Bungie can make a fun multiplayer-shooter as far as the mechanics of gameplay, but that’s about all they’ve been able to do for me in the time after the innovation of the original Halo.

What they are doing is so much worst than innocently making bad choices, however. Their lack of concern for the quality of their product is conscious and exploitative. As a consumer, the most dangerous thing you can do is view Bungie’s new choices as brave, adventurous, or forward-thinking. Everything about Bungie and the model they are trying to create is exploitative and rushed. Destiny is a move-and-shoot game that motivates you to do that moving and shooting with attractive visuals.

These are my personal views. What do you think?