Whether you are friend or foe of former Call of Duty titles, the old team is forming up again and a Lead Designer is coming back to Infinity Ward.

Having walked away from the team nearly five years ago, former Infinity Ward Lead Designer Todd Alderman has come back to the team despite being one of those who sued Activision for $75-125 million back in 2010. As part of the group which attempted to sue Activision and disintegrated to create Respawn Entertainment, Alderman worked on Titanfall before they announced going cross-platform. Alderman worked his way around the industry and landed at Riot Games – the developer for League of Legends before coming home to the FPS genre.

When speaking with Polygon.com, Alderman hit on a few of the reasons why he’s coming back to his old home:

“The chance to come back to Infinity Ward and Call of Duty is something I didn’t think would ever happen. It’s been five years since I’ve been here and a lot has changed. There are a lot of new faces and motivated people who want to make something great. It’s a really cool game concept that I want to be a part of. I can’t wait to see what we do with a three-year dev cycle.”

Though Todd Alderman has made his way back to the series, don’t expect him to be working on a “Modern Warfare 4” title simply because Infinity Ward worked on Modern Warfare 3 when he left. With the release of Advanced Warfare and the success therein, Activision knows now that Call of Duty titles both can and must step out of the box if they are to continue being successful. I’m sure that we can expect to see another Advanced Warfare in the future, but three studios now work on Call of Duty titles, each with their own signature style, and they release on a three year cycle. Todd Alderman won’t be working on Advanced Warfare, but he’s sure to be working on a blockbuster.