For those FPS fans that can’t quite get the hang of analog sticks on controllers and crave the precision of a keyboard and mouse, Hori has you covered. The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is Hori’s answer to this issue and is officially licensed by Sony for the PS4.

The TAC4 recreates the keyboard/mouse by remapping the same controls of the Dualshock 4 to a cut portion of a keyboard which will give you WASD movement and a mouse that will act as the right analog stick for aiming and shooting. You’ll also notice that extra features such as “Walk”, “Snipe”, and “Quick” that will adjust the settings and sensitivity of your controls on the fly to fulfill various objectives. The controls are also programmable to a certain degree and Hori allows you 3 profiles to be stored to the TAC4.

An October release date has been set for both Europe and Japan with pre-orders available at Amazon UK, but there is no information on a US release just yet. The price tag is also fairly spendy, ranging from $120 – $135 on Amazon. Hori is known for making some quality products, so let’s hope that the quality holds up to the price tag.

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