Announced by publisher Devolver Digital, Hotline Miami is coming to the PlayStation 4, with no set launch date as of yet as part of the strong push Sony has made for indie developers on the platform.

With strong overtones of the 1980’s and gobs of violence, Hotline Miami is currently available for the PlayStation 3 platform, as well as PS Vita. If you happen to already own the title for either platform, you’ll be happy to know that Hotline will be free for you to download as part of the PlayStation “Cross-Buy” program. Hotline Miami 2 is currently in development for all three platforms as well, changing the violent basher from an 80’s style title to a darker 1990’s theme.

Devolver Digital plans to build further on details of Hotline 2 at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston on April 11th, Nigel Lowrie told Destructoid.

“So far all [we’ve shown developer Dennaton] is doing is really more or less similar to Hotline Miami 1, what we’ve shown. What we’re gonna show at PAX East and in a trailer before PAX East is the new hotness, and really things are going to change up the game quite a bit.”