Originally released in Japan on April 29, today Monolith Software’s Xenoblade Chronicles X will be getting its North American release. With that, there will be some day-one patching. Going with the popular standard, there will be a large download to speed up the game’s loading and there will also be some updates to some text included in the game.

Before playing the game, players will note that a new software update has been made available to them. If you want to take the game online and have multiplayer functionality you will be required to download this update. It is advised with this game and all games to update with everything available as to have access to all the game’s features and avoid any complications in this age of bugs and errors.

If your Wii U is in standby mode, the update will take automatically. It’s good to stay on board with this as the patch has already had a minor issue relating to is availability on the eShop last night. That has been resolved but it’s in the player’s interest to always update.

via DualShockers