Players can now earn up to 16 times more IP at the end of a match while playing with your friends in League of Legends.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Riot Games has added a fantastic bonus for those who love to play League of Legends. You can now earn up to 16 times the IP you would normally earn in each game! Announced as a two week promotion that inspires teamwork, teams now have a chance to multiply the amount of IP earned at the end of each match. If you’re not a League of Legends player, IP is the virtual currency used to buy new characters and “runes” usable in each match for competition.

Teaming up with a full group of friends will tack on more IP at the end of a match and add a chance of multiplying relative to the number of players in your group. Meter your expectations if you’re in the numbers game already. You won’t be getting 2400 IP just for winning a match, the odds of that are like winning a small lottery. In fact, Riot hinted at that as well.

There is a chance your group earns no Party Reward, but larger premade groups win higher tiers of IP rewards. Some lucky players will even earn rare, massive IP prizes. If you queue alone, you won’t be eligible for Party Rewards.

This IP boost serves as another fun dynamic that Riot Games has added the title for a small amount of time. If you’re lucky enough to win the IP lottery, let us know right here in the comments section, but meter your expectations – most people are getting around 30 bonus XP in a team of five players.