In a teaming up that no one asked for, BioWare has decided to bring a 14-card Cards Against Humanity addon in to the world. Though this choice may seem strange to the average video game player who is used to the “video” part being important to the video game industry, many others will surely enjoy this. After all, who hasn’t considered the delights of playing a game like Clue, but with the Mass Effect gang. Instead of having Professor Plum, with the Knife, in the Ballroom, you could have Garus, with the Sniper Rifle, in the middle of some calibrations. Perhaps now is a good time to also release a tic-tac-toe skin but starring the late XO Pressley.

While this critic is not a fan of IRL DLC, the goal of this business venture does not escape me. Like all of the recent big-name titles, BioWare would like their game to be as much of a household name as a Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto did this by being on the cutting edge of what was acceptable to display and express in video games. BioWare would like to do this by pretending that there is some significance to having homosexual relationships with aliens and now apparently, by merging their name with a sit down, old-fashioned card game. Yes, because there is nothing better than sitting down with friends to play a lively round of Card Against Humanity and then everyone then breaking out their individual televisions and consoles to enjoy your game devoid of any form of local play.

The 14 cards will include jokes and references from the game and will only run you $1. It seems the company has a sense of humor and criticisms aside are pretty funny, including ““*missing cards to be sold later as DLC” to the end of their own promotion for the game on their also humorously titled website for the collaboration.

Full speed ahead to the Monopoly skin!

via Dualshockers