Presented by a Microsoft Project Manager, Hololens can play Xbox One games just like your PC – except anywhere you like.

With unique technology pressing the boundaries of how we interact with our computers and video game systems, the world of gaming is changing dramatically. Starting with basic VR headsets, leading through advances in motion controls, Microsoft is continuing to develop what it means to be the cutting edge. Melding a bit of the old with the new, Microsoft Project Manager Varun Mani uploaded the video shown above, showcasing Halo 5 first on a traditional screen, then displayed virtually through Microsoft’s Hololens.

Allowing him to easily step away from the TV to say, use the restroom or cook up a snack, Varun showed off the future of gaming. If you had an unlimited supply of simulcast TVs at your disposal in the home you could pull off this trick, but with Hololens Varun simply turned around and there was a TV on the nearby wall – virtually. This could change everything we know about sharing the TV, if you ever need a TV again.