Steam lovers have long since been requesting the ability to remove games from their Steam library and not been able to do so. Steam has finally listened implementing the feature, allowing users to permanently delete unwanted games from their Steam collections, soothing OCDs everywhere. This does not work as a refund but rather ability to cleanse your heart of guilt and disgust of a choice that you made in a moment of weakness.

It’s easy to do: find your way to Steam’s support page while you are signed in, find the game you are looking to get rid of, and click the “I want to permanently remove this game from my account” option. This will get rid of the game on your Steam account but scraping the crusty remains of the game from your hard drive is up to you. This feature will only work with some games as titles associated with other titles will have to be gotten rid of together.

If your game count is important to you, there has also been the “hide game from library” feature option. I however ask you “Is your Steam reputation so important that you are willing to potentially develop some kind of guilt complex over it?” It might not be worth having game skeletons in your closet.

via Kotaku