If you were looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a PlayStation 4, or even the PlayStation 3, it’s likely that PlayStation TV was in your radar. Formerly available at just $100 in the US, PlayStation TV featured similar functionality to that of the PS Vita in Remote Play and the PlayStation Now game streaming service at a reasonable price – now even lower.

Having reduced the original price of PlayStation TV on both Amazon and GameStop, retailers are following suit with a new price point to tickle your fancy. Just $80 can pick up a PlayStation TV micro-console for those who already own a controller, or $100 for those interested in a bundle with controller. Most intriguingly, bundles with controllers saw a $40 markup over bundles without previously, so those who need the entire setup are saving more in this price change than those who already own controllers.

To note, these PlayStation TV sales haven’t been listed as special discounts, so this is very likely an MSRP price change directed by Sony to push more micro-console units, but if you’re in the market for playing your PS4 in the bedroom without buying another PS4, the PlayStation TV is just what you’re looking for.