With the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon card game coming just around the corner, Pokemon trading cards are coming back in a big way.

The original Pokemon trading card game will soon be re-released with all-original packaging and a new 20th anniversary label coming this February. Set for release on February 27th, 2016, these cards will commemorate the October 1996 release of the original Pokemon cards. Launching to Japanese markets, the re-released packs will sell for 1,300 Yen and will include a 60 card deck, one Pokemon coin and a manual for how to play the game.

Accessorizing your cards, you may also pick up the original card shields for 715 Yen and the play mat for 5,000 Yen. All-in-all if you’re looking to buy the whole anniversary set you’ll have to pay about $59 USD, not including shipping. Have a look at the merchandise below and enjoy them in all their glory.

Those interested in purchasing these sets should look to the official Japanese website for more details in the coming weeks.