Available “later today” in a firmware update for the PlayStation Vita, users will soon pick up many anticipated features for everyday use of your Vita handheld, including allowing for up to 500 applications on your home screen.

Announced today on the PlayStation Blog, the new Vita update will allow for many basic options to personalize your handheld which were long requested by the community. With the inclusion of a larger home screen listing, a calendar application has made its way to Vita, allowing users to sync their Google calendar with the system, and setup events through sharing options to play games together with your friends and community. Users may now also manage their memory card data in the Content manager application. Finally, the update will also include voice messages through the PlayStation Network on your Vita system, allowing both incoming and outgoing messages from the handheld.

As of posting, the firmware update is not yet live but should be expected to launch within the next few hours.