As with every player behind the champion in League of Legends, each of us has a preference in champions. Thanks to an upcoming change just released to the Public Beta Environment, Riot Games will recognize your individual champion mastery in League of Legends, potentially as early as patch 5.6.

When it comes to prestige and preference, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m “one of those guys.” I like Teemo, and I’ve been proficient with Heimerdinger in the top lane since Season 3. As a result, I’ve been burned in the chat lobby of hundreds of ranked matches over the last few years – people think I’m a “troll”, though they do not know my actual skill level with these champions. The inherent problem with this is that individuals do not know how well you can play each champion and must then rely heavily on tier list systems like ours for judging how well a champion can be played in their role.

Thanks to a refined “elo” style system in which Riot will now judge your play with each character, the debate may well be laid to rest…at least in part. Adding Champion Mastery in the mix, players will now earn points, ranks and rewards for playing their favorite champions. Upon completion of a match you’ll earn these points based on the performance of your team and your individual contribution. These points will be applied to this champion’s mastery level, earning you rewards for that champion along the way.

As of today a grading system is in place. Hovering over your champion mastery bar in the post-game screen will reveal your personal grade. This match grade is based on the overall performance in your roles as well as where you’re playing your champion. No details on whether breaking the Meta-game earns you more or less points are available at this point, it is only known that this can affect the grade. With this grade also comes your level. Each character will level toward a “mastery score”, accounting toward an overall mastery score which can be found on your summoner profile.

For tiers one through three of champion mastery, players will be recognized with only their own knowledge of rank. At rank four and five however, look forward to prestige as you will be awarded with a loading screen badge, a custom emote in-game and an announcement banner. Here’s what they look like:

Riot will launch Champion Mastery in the PBE, with later slow roll-out throughout each global region. Rankings for each champion will initially only apply to Summoner’s Rift matches in Normal Queue to ensure the feature’s stability before moving to Ranked play and other queue types. Mastery is eligible for all players over level 5.