Agent, a the spy thriller Rockstar Games announced in 2009, might not be off the table. Reddit broke these images of old assets for the environment, reviving speculation that this title is still on the way. The images aren’t recent. They’re at least five years old and can only confirm the cold-war setting of the game.

Agent was originally planned as a PS3 exclusive but of course that’s not going to happen at this point with the current generation already having blossomed into its early adulthood. However, Rockstar’s trademark is still active and Take-Two has never released a statement declaring that the project had been scrapped. Keep hope alive!

Rockstar has always left me excited for what they have coming up next. Being one of the few developers that has earned my trust, there hasn’t been a time when I didn’t get excited for their next release. With so many popular types of stories covered and done well by Rockstar, a spy game seems like one of the few major genres they have left to get to. I’m confident they’d do espionage well. They’ve done well with all of the other odd directions they’ve gone in. Cowboys? Check. Criminals? Check. School Bullies? Check. Racing? Yep. Rockstar is known for making great games based on great concepts; I hope news solidifies on this one.

What kind of popular setting would you like to see from Rockstar next? Space? Pirates? Zombies?

via Polygon