Set to compete one-on-one with the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, Sony announced today at the Game Developer’s Conference that their own VR headset is far enough along in hardware development that software developers will now begin work, and the headset is now official.

Officially titled as “Project Morpheus”, Sony’s new VR headset has made its way to the hands of a few developers as Epic Games, Crytek, Unity and Autodesk developers are working with the hardware at this very moment. Demoed by Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida, the new PlayStation VR headset will feature a host of impressive stats and features set to “push the boundaries of play.”

Clocking in with a very respectable number of features for the headset, Project Morpheus’ development kit will feature 1080P viewing, with a 90 degree forward facing field of view. While this view is respectable in its own right, gamers will surely be looking for more. Sony’s existing, recently price-jacked PlayStation Camera works in sync with Project Morpheus using the same technology as in the PlayStation Move system and PlayStation 4 controller. Working in sync with the PlayStation Camera, Project Morpheus will allow players to take advantage of 360 degrees of turning with the VR headset, allowing Sony to “shape the future of video games,” said Mr. Yoshida.

Project Morpheus was demoed live at the Game Developer’s Conference playing God of War – a recently deceased blockbuster PS3 series. This could be an interesting clue as to the future of PlayStation. Will Morpheus work with the PlayStation 3, based on this demo, or will God of War make it to the PlayStation 4? Either way, that would be a fantastic development atop already great news.