Available to the public as of this weekend, Star Citizen is now openly in version 2.0.

While they splashed details of version 2.0 coming to closed release back on December 3rd, Star Citizen is now publicly available for testing in all-new FPS modules. These first-person shooter modules of Star Citizen play out much like their open-space simulations do today. While having no “true” effect on the world and economy of Star Citizen, version 2.0 means more to the game than just shooting – even if everything is just a “simulation” in the game’s story as of yet.

Introducing a wide variety of features to the Star Citizen universe, developer Cloud Imperium Games is building on their nearly 100 million dollars of crowd-funded investment. With version 2.0, we can now enjoy “large world maps, multi-crew ships, seamless first person combat, missions and much more.” In what is being called their biggest update to Star Citizen yet, most of what we were able to do and pushing to do as a community in version 1.3 is now ready for action with the latest update.

Featuring full integration in the larger ships like the Cutlass class and above, all ships available for testing can support your full crew of team mates without having to glitch your way through the windshield. In the vast expanse of space we can now experience true PVP combat as well. Stepping into the new Port Olistar zone, players will begin in their bunks and move outward into the first playable end-game experience.

“Olisar is huge and is the launch pad for all player ships in the current release. The area around Port Olisar is an ‘Armistice Zone’ meaning that all weapons will be on lockdown in that safety zone to prevent any disagreements or unpleasantness.”

Just as in the competing space-sim titles, leaving home is a risk in version 2.0 of Star Citizen. Exploring the reaches of the local cluster however has its rewards. Set in the environs of Crusader, a gas giant in the Stanton System, Crusader has three moons, Yela (with an asteroid belt), Cellin and Daymar (each with orbital stations.) Featuring zero-gravity combat situations, as well as weapons and other rewards, it’s worth having a look at the latest content to help prepare you for the vastness of space.

Along with the host of new content, new ships are coming around as well. Queue the Constellation and Retaliator, with their multi-person crews adding up to larger numbers than the existing three person Cutlass. Quite the beauty, the Constellation has long been sought as the premiere exploration ship in Star Citizen, with a grace and prestige not seen since Star Treks “Enterprise” – at least among the community.

Given the new zones, Cloud Imperium Games is looking to further hone large-scale flight as well. By adding in new flight modes, your new ships’ maneuvers should be as refined as their style by the end of version 2.0. Precision Mode is now available for complex maneuvering such as landing; Cruise Mode, to get maximum speed with little maneuverability and Standard Combat Maneuvering that has been previously default in earlier builds. Engine controls are more a factor now than ever with the implementation of Quantum travel and Afterburners. Push your engines to the limit when evading in-flight combatants, or warp out into the vast emptiness of space. Cloud Imperium warns caution when using your Quantum drive however – you can run out of fuel on those cells and you will be left in space.

Friends can pick you up if you get lost in space, but as a major part of ship-to-space interaction, the game has changed to tune toward new FPS additions. Your ship’s cabin now must first depressurize and you can now EVA in space. This allows you to move from one ship to another, but it’s certainly no easy task.

In all, Star Citizen has added 17 missions to complete in patch 2.0, with an additional 20+ random encounters. While first-person shooting may have been highlighted as the bold move for Star Citizen in 2.0, it’s clear that there is so much more to be seen from Cloud Imperium Games.