If you’re in love with testing games and playing Star Citizen, you can get into the First Person Shooter module very soon.

Available exclusively on Star Citizen’s Public Test Universe, first-person shooting in Star Citizen isn’t far off and is currently in internal testing before it goes live to the general “universe” of players in the PTU. Those who sign up for the PTU can soon enjoy first-person combat in an Ender’s Game-like zone. This product will enter a long-term testing phase and though it will undergo initial testing in the PTU it will be refined over the coming months as the game drives toward its “final” release.

Currently heading up the first-person elements of Star Citizen, the development team at Illfonic, based in Denver, Colorado in the USA, are building the shooter’s meta-game for the final release and are managing all of the statistics for the shooter module today. Working with the meta-game, Illfonic plans to allow for an unlock system to award armor, weapons and ammo types. Focusing on the current, Illfonic will also monitor kill:death ratios, wins and more statistics to release on a leaderboard system when competing in an FPS module for training.

Back to the future of FPS in the grand scale of Star Citizen, Illfonic is also working on a rep-based currency or points system which works much in the same way that Arena Commander works today “which you’ll be able to unlock and rent stuff with.” This FPS module is an essential component leading into the 2015 release of Squadron 42, the campaign which pushes you in preparation for the open universe of Star Citizen. Along with the rest of the development teams working on the full scope of Star Citizen, everyone in Illfonic is working overtime “bug smashing” in preparation for PAX East. Illfonic plans to bring a Zero G shooting demo to PAX East and you can be sure we’ll keep you covered when that info rolls down the pipe.