Tekken Tag Tournament 2, a game of the last console generation, allowed for players to play music native to the game as well as their own music (because sometimes you want to get your ass beat to a soundtrack) with the Tekken Tunes feature. Hardcore fans of the game likely enjoyed this feature as nearly no one wants to manage an external music source while playing a game. I know I don’t. Director and Producer Katsuhiro Harada weighed in about the possibilities of this feature’s implementation in the upcoming Tekken 7.

Spoiler: it’s impossible right now.

DualShockers via Twitter

Unless PlayStation is willing to completely change their operating system and policy for this single feature, things are looking grim for your ability to practice combos to classic training montage music.

DualShockers via Twitter

If this is something you really enjoyed about Tag 2, you may end up disappointed. This newer generation just isn’t as lax when it comes to potential legal issues. From their standpoint less flexibility in this area is much easier for them to manage.

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