Everyone loves cute versions of already existent things. Like tiny hats, you can put those on dogs, everyone loves that. Disney’s Disney Infinity 3.0 has based an entire game on that concept. Aimed toward the child and family demographics, Infinity attempts to combine the joy of playing with toys and playing a game on the console. Today, they released a trailer hyping their upcoming addition of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens “play set” to their central hub.

Being the third Star Wars package that is able to be added to the game, the “play set” would essentially function like DLC and give players access to content such as additional characters and levels/narratives relating to those new characters. While there is still much to be learned about the newest film, my favorite of the new characters and the droid featured in the trailer is BB-8. He looks like he parties hard.

With the film not having even been released yet, Disney is clearly covering its bases when it comes to merchandising and making use of the huge buzz building up surrounding the release of the new movie. It is still to be seen how this will all be received by the series’ massive audience, but all will be clear very soon.

The film’s release as well as the play set will be released December 18.