Edik Zykov, a developer from Russia, is working on a partially 3D spin-off/remake of the recent indie hit Undertale. Partially 3D means that the game will actually be 2.5D, using sprites mapped to a 3D environment that swap orientation depending on your location. Zykov used this same style for his previous fan game Yume Nikki 3D. The game will not be a direct or full remake, although surely this is what many would expect and desire. The game will be a short spin-off based on the events of the original story.



There is strong love in me for this art style. 2.5D was used in Xenogears and that is my all-time favorite JRPG. When I see a sprite flippin’ all around in a 3D environment, it fills me will warm fuzzies ever since completion of that masterpiece. So this is almost definitely something I am going to be trying out for the art alone.

Now, I feel much differently about the choice to take on this adaptation in general. In general, I think this is an incredible amount of responsibility for Mr. Zykov. To take a game that’s just come out and celebrate it is easy – to execute a remake successfully without angering most of the fans from the lack of humor or lack of design excellence is something else completely. In short, I don’t have faith that he isn’t going to drop the ball. Drop it hard.



There are low expectations but high hopes for this project. Let’s all just cross our fingers and and patiently wait for his completion. What do you think about this remake? Do you think it was timed well? Are you okay with a new artist making his own creation from the works of another? Let us know in the comments below.

via Siliconera