Written by Craig Dearlove

This is a question I have been looking into for many years and I believe I finally have some answers to this question. Of course, one of the biggest communities associated with toxic players is League of Legends, but this is simply because of the size of their community. The good players stay quiet and work their way up, the trolls mess around and try to make others (QQ) and of course the toxic players rage basically all game blaming everyone but themselves. So for the benefit of this study I targeted LoL since many people can associate easier with it.

So firstly I had to find out what makes a toxic player so… Edgy shall we say. Well, it’s actually caused by Illusory Superiority (definition). Anyway, people have been known to over estimate their own IQ or intellect and are in fact found to be at or below average and all the ones that underestimate themselves are found to be well above average. Which leads us to believe by linking this to other human behaviors we can determined that the loud ragey players are in fact no better then the standard player and the silent ones are a lot better which as we know is already fact. Needless to say this isn’t 100% accurate you can still get some good ragey players and some bad silent ones but far less then the alternative.

So because of this overestimation of their own abilities this leads them to believe everyone else isn’t as good as they are, causing them to consistently underestimate their opponents making them lose lanes more often then not. But because of their mind set, the only reason they can lose lanes is due to HACKS but since there aren’t many hacks on league at all and are removed practically the same day the only other excuse is its their teams fault for not ganking. Which seems perfectly logical to them because of another big word – Cognitive Bias (definition). This leads them to believe everything they want to be true and discard any other factual evidence that may suggest otherwise.

This causes most players to become what we see as toxic but it also shows us that if a toxic player is raging then just let him be it will be like explaining god isn’t real to a christian, no one can have strong evidence for either. The only way for a toxic player to change is for them to understand that they are not that good and they need to except that for them to finally improve, but delusions are very powerful and the can also break up friendships if you try to help them change just sit back and let in small hints that you would like them to calm down :D. BUT there is a but it is not only the toxic players which people assume, the good players also claim things like there are no op champions but yet consistently use them. Which is also a form of Cognitive Bias because if some are easier especially the ones they main would also mean they rely on that to help them win, but of course most people openly accept some champions are op and some aren’t hence the nerfs and consistent changes. It is a game with a lot of champions and it is practically impossible to make everyone of them equal.

Toxic players aren’t just the ragers and blamers because they suffer the same issues as the ego groups. The only genuine players are the ones that accept not every game can be won because some champions simply scale to hard even without kills and they can simply be hard countered. Also every time they die can be prevented by their own decisions even though other people can also help. All you can do is to make the best of every situation and that is what makes you a good player to be open minded and optimistic and enjoy the game because that’s all it is nothing more nothing less.


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