Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, Marc Whitten, shed some light on the upcoming first major update for the Xbox One on Xbox Wire today. The Spring update will be release in two parts, first on February 11th (next week) and then March 4th just ahead of the release of Titanfall.

The February 11th portion of the Spring update will mostly deal with “behind-the-scenes” updates to the system and for developers with few updates that you will visually notice. Some of the features that you’ll immediately notice are the following:

  • The ability to manage storage space. One of the things you may have noticed if you have an Xbox One would be the lack of the ability to see how much space you have left on your hard drive. Well, Microsoft took note of this and found that there is no reason why you shouldn’t know about your space limitations and is including the ability to manage your storage.
  • The ability of to manage download queues. Xbox One will now allow you to manage an install queue that gives you the ability to manage installs, downloads, and updates.
  • Organize apps. My Games and My Apps will now be separated and you will have the ability to change the order. I thought it was crazy to have everything in one bucket and no way to organize it.
  • Battery power indicator. Shown in the picture above, you will now have an indicator on your home screen that will show you the remaining battery life of your controller. However, I do not know how this will work with multiple controllers, but it was a necessary addition.
  • USB keyboard support. Straight forward. You will now be able to use a keyboard with the Xbox One. However, do not expect to be using that keyboard in games. I have a 3rd party controller (KI MadCatz TE2 Arcade Stick) and since it is a specialty accessory it does not work in every game or in some parts of the Xbox One UI.

These are a few of the updates that were revealed and we are promised more info on the matter in the weeks to come. Even though part one of this update lands on Tuesday next week.

March 4th update – countdown to “Titanfall”

This portion of the update will produce the large changes to the system and new editions. This update will significantly improve the multiplayer system and improve or revamp the party system (one of the most asked for fixes). There will be many more improvements that will be included in this update that will be detailed later. Hopefully one of those new features is the app since that is a feature that is supposed to be out ahead of E3 and should have launch with the system in my personal opinion.

From the post, the March 4th update seems that it will also serve to supplement the release of Titanfall on March 11th. You can expect that a good portion of the newly released features should be prevalent in Titanfall. The party system will hopefully be a huge benefit to Titanfall’s launch since it has been lackluster compared to it’s Xbox 360 counterpart.

Now your feedback is what decides the priority of features in these updates and Microsoft has been listening to the public since long before launch. Keep them listening and keep voicing the changes you want to see on the Xbox One

Source: Xbox Wire